The Aftermath of the Education Act 2011

As well as being a teacher, I am Conservative town councillor and, because of my political allegiance, I do get a fair amount of stick at work because of the Education Act of 2011. I love a good political discussion so I don’t mind this. I even bought a copy of the Act signed by Gove in an auction at a Tory party dinner and posted the picture on Facebook much to the dismay of some of my colleagues.

 I think that our education system needed serious reform but, in hindsight, the changes could have been implemented more slowly. But, of course, with Government potentially changing every five years, I know that this is just not possible if MPs want to actually achieve anything.

My fear now is that, following the turmoil the Tory party are now in, they will lose the next General Election and a Labour government will change everything again. This is potentially up to 4 years away but I’m already worried!

I think revamping all the Schemes of Work has, overall, been an exciting task – they needed a refresh and the current Year 7s seem to have enjoyed their Science lessons more than in previous years. We are now finalising the first term of the new GCSE for the new Year 9; we are teaching it over 3 years to fit it all in. The new AS Biology spec was not much different, apart from the coursework being replaced by core practicals; the lack of an issue report has made the year less stressful overall for the staff and students!

But everyone at work is stressed to some degree… Some people thrive on it, others feel it like a weight pulling them down. School leaders need to try their best to make sure no one goes under in these pressured times.


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