Feeling Optimistic

Term starts tomorrow, with two INSET days. I’ve prepared by going into work both today and yesterday to get my room ready, and get some admin tasks out of the way. I’m glad I did because it’s helped me feel more positive about the start of the new school year.

Another reason for me feeling optimistic is that one of my best friends gave birth yesterday to a gorgeous baby boy. I can’t wait to meet him in a couple of weeks’ time. It has, however, made me feel incredibly broody! It is so frustrating that we’re not in a position to start our own family yet.

I’m off now to give blood – I feel very privileged that I’m able to do this. I really could save a life! And that’s a great feeling.

Sorry for the short post; I’ll do a longer one once I’ve been back at work!


A New Term…

… means a fresh start. I always get nervous about the start of a new school year. What if my classes are horrible? What if I don’t stay on top of everything? What if I crumble when I’m observed? I’m trying to push all these thoughts to the back of my head and stay optimistic. I’m going to go into work on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week to make a start on my planning. Thursday and Friday are both INSET days so at least we’re going to be eased back in gently. The pupils return on the following Monday, starting with just Year 7 in the morning with the rest coming in at lunchtime.

I’ve got a new lab this term so it really will feel like a fresh start. I’m looking forward to making the room my own, although I might keep the display about Polish scientists as I have a Polish surname since getting married. I’m very keen to make a good impression this term in the hope that the headteacher might make me permanent sooner so that we can move house and start our family together.

As well as a new start at home we’re starting a new fitness regime at home too. We’ve just bought Joe Wicks’ Lean in 15 book and I’m looking into joining a new gym. I actually really enjoy working out in a gym but the cost puts me off. Whilst we were away on a cruise I went to the gym on most of the sea days and there was no extra cost. I do feel that a lot of people are put of having a healthier lifestyle because of the expense. We did the weekly shop today with some healthier lunch stuff for me, and we spent a fair amount more which will soon add up.

I don’t want to lose loads of weight – I’m actually comfortable being a bigger lady – but I’d like to lose what I’ve put on since our wedding, which is just over a stone. I still want all my clothes to fit – would be such a waste of all my lovely dresses if they became too big for me! Losing what I’ve gained in the last 18 months will mean I stay the same dress size but they’ll fit better and I’ll feel healthier.

So, to all you teachers coming to the end of the summer break – good luck! You’ll be brilliant 🙂


Wedding Prep

I loved the build up to our wedding, apart from the a slight hiccup a couple of weeks before – see my “about me” page – and I actually do miss the planning. I don’t however miss the paying for things; weddings really do add up. But I actually loved doing all the organising; the first thing I bought after I came back from our engagement trip was to buy a wedding planner and folder. My husband used to laugh at me carrying the planner everywhere but it was so useful. After our wedding and honeymoon were over, and normal life resumed, I did feel a bit of a void; I didn’t know what to think about in my free time.

Luckily though, my sister-in-law and my cousin (who were my 2 bridesmaids) are getting married next year so I’ve got 2 family weddings to look forward to. What’s even better is that my sister-in-law has asked me to be her maid of honour so I get to be involved in the planning, which I’ve loved. I helped her choose her beautiful dress, been to wedding fairs, visited the reception venue, and helped her brainstorm ideas for other bits and bobs. I also found the bridesmaid dresses in the John Lewis sale – tried them on yesterday and they are perfect. Just need shoes and other accessories now. My sister-in-law’s done pretty much everything else apart from the invitations. She’d like to go to Italy for her hen do but we haven’t booked that yet either.

My cousin hasn’t asked me to be part of her bridal party but it’ll be nice just to relax and enjoy the day as a guest with my husband and parents. I’m looking forward to buying a new dress for the day – I’ll have to be careful it’s not too thick or doesn’t have too many layers as her wedding is in the middle of August!

I do love a wedding – I always cry, without fail. I went to a couple of weddings a few years ago where I didn’t even know the couple that well but I was still tearful! I didn’t cry during the ceremony itself at our wedding, but I did cry as I walked down the aisle with my father. It was the first time I had heard the music in the chapel and it completely overwhelmed me with how beautiful it was. I wouldn’t have changed anything about our day, not even the rain.

So, lots to look forward to in my family at the moment. I just hope these two girls don’t have babies before us as that’ll get me really down!



This is one of those words that has become really popular fairly recently. Type it into google and this is what you get:

  1. 1.
    the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something.
    “their mindfulness of the wider cinematic tradition”
  2. 2.
    a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique.

It’s a buzz word used to describe the act of taking time out of one’s day not to worry about to stuff, but to instead do something relaxing and enjoyable. Adult colouring books have become incredibly popular over a relatively short space of time, and are seen as a mindfulness tool. I bought one of these books about a year ago but didn’t really use it until yesterday. Colouring isn’t really something that we, as adults, ever really get to do normally, even though it’s commonplace for children. I had forgotten how fulfilling it can be to finish a page in a colouring book. It’s so simple but quite therapeutic. No wonder these books have taken off.

Meditation, yoga, taking a walk, and trying new things are also examples of how you can be more mindful in your everyday life. I always feel a bit strange going for a walk without a dog but it’s something I’ve been trying to do more of recently so that I can shift a bit of weight. I will feel much better about going for a walk when we eventually get a dog.

Sometimes it can be so difficult to let go of the stresses and strains of life and just focus on the now, but it is so important that we do.

Long Time No Write!

Hi all! I’m so sorry that it’s been so long since my last post! I’d almost forgotten about this blog to be honest. A lot has happened since I last wrote on here.

I went through a bit of a rough patch at work last autumn/winter. I did badly in a couple of observations and that triggered a lot of drop-ins and an intervention period. I’m not going to lie – it was horrible. I hated going to work. I was so unhappy. I eventually left the school in the Spring term and started a new job after Easter.

My new school is about 5 minutes from my house so my morning commute is a lot easier! The Science department is great – very supportive. I’ve only had one proper observation during the whole term. A few members of SLT popped in from time to time, but nothing official. All of my classes were small intervention groups, which was a nice way to settle into a new school. I’ll have full classes from September.

The only major problem with the job is that I’m on a one-year contract to start with; the uncertainty is a tad unsettling and it means we can’t get a bigger mortgage until I’m made permanent. I’m finding this very frustrating as we can’t really get a dog or have a baby until we move to a house with a garden. One of my best friends is due to have her first baby in a couple of weeks time, and I’m more than a bit envious.

Of course the other obstacle stopping us from starting a family is my medication. The effects of quetiapine on babies in utero are not well documented but my GP has advised that I’m fully off it before trying for a baby, so that’s the plan. Last year, after my episode before our wedding, I reduced my dosage from 300 to 200mg but there’s still a way to go. My plan is to keep on my current dosage until at least October half term; I don’t want to decrease it when work will potentially get more stressful than it has been.

So that’s what’s been happening with me! At the moment I’m enjoying the summer holidays. I go away on a Mediterranean cruise a week tomorrow for a fortnight – can’t wait!