Wedding Prep

I loved the build up to our wedding, apart from the a slight hiccup a couple of weeks before – see my “about me” page – and I actually do miss the planning. I don’t however miss the paying for things; weddings really do add up. But I actually loved doing all the organising; the first thing I bought after I came back from our engagement trip was to buy a wedding planner and folder. My husband used to laugh at me carrying the planner everywhere but it was so useful. After our wedding and honeymoon were over, and normal life resumed, I did feel a bit of a void; I didn’t know what to think about in my free time.

Luckily though, my sister-in-law and my cousin (who were my 2 bridesmaids) are getting married next year so I’ve got 2 family weddings to look forward to. What’s even better is that my sister-in-law has asked me to be her maid of honour so I get to be involved in the planning, which I’ve loved. I helped her choose her beautiful dress, been to wedding fairs, visited the reception venue, and helped her brainstorm ideas for other bits and bobs. I also found the bridesmaid dresses in the John Lewis sale – tried them on yesterday and they are perfect. Just need shoes and other accessories now. My sister-in-law’s done pretty much everything else apart from the invitations. She’d like to go to Italy for her hen do but we haven’t booked that yet either.

My cousin hasn’t asked me to be part of her bridal party but it’ll be nice just to relax and enjoy the day as a guest with my husband and parents. I’m looking forward to buying a new dress for the day – I’ll have to be careful it’s not too thick or doesn’t have too many layers as her wedding is in the middle of August!

I do love a wedding – I always cry, without fail. I went to a couple of weddings a few years ago where I didn’t even know the couple that well but I was still tearful! I didn’t cry during the ceremony itself at our wedding, but I did cry as I walked down the aisle with my father. It was the first time I had heard the music in the chapel and it completely overwhelmed me with how beautiful it was. I wouldn’t have changed anything about our day, not even the rain.

So, lots to look forward to in my family at the moment. I just hope these two girls don’t have babies before us as that’ll get me really down!



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